Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Looking for tips to remodel your bathroom or kitchen? Learn from our experts on the latest trends and projects you should be taking on.

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Kitchen Appliance’s New Aesthetic

May 29, 2018A little piece by Bloomberg Businessweek on the new aesthetic of kitchen appliances. Caroline Winter is the writer. new aesthetic involves more furniture-like appliances, with rounded edges and handles, less metallic sheen, and sometimes even a little...

Thinking Kitchen Remodel? Avoid These 8 Trends

May 29, 2018Forbes featured a few comments of mine in their online article that discusses what NOT to do in a kitchen remodel. Read more to see their list of remodeling “dont’s.”, “Thinking Kitchen Remodel? Avoid These 8 Trends”, May, 2013...

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Floor

May 29, 2018 Mary Boone, contributor to the Zillow Blog, was kind enough to interview me at length about choosing the right floor for your kitchen. Consider look and function Ceramic tile, porcelain tile, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, concrete pros and cons Zillow...